Win One For The Gipper?

My friend and colleague Sharon Tillman (Communications  Director for the Diocese of Maryland, Episcopal Life Board of Governors) alerted me to a wonderful web site this afternoon that links sports and spirituality. These are, to paraphrase the Sound of Music, two of my favorite things.

Unfortunately I mean “wonderful” in the same way that Dr. Seuss refers to the Grinch’s “wonderful, awful” idea to steal Christmas. Which is not wonderful in the least.

The site, BPSports, carries the tagline “Sports with a Spiritual Attitude.” Again, what’s not to like? I pray for my Orioles and Ravens every week. I even wore a purple chasuble on Sunday to give the Ravens an extra boost against the Redskins. And it worked brilliantly (24-10). Sure, this coincided with Advent but that’s just the point: God cares deeply about football.

Or at least that’s what BPSports, a website of the Southern Baptist Convention, would have you believe. The lead story is about a high school football team from Missouri that defeated their arch-rival after 50 years of frustration. When the final whistle blew and the East Prarie Eagles were deemed victorious, “The first words East Prairie coach Jason Aycock heard were from his pastor, Jon Archie, who yelled, “This is exactly what happens when your coach gets saved.”

Does that mean the rival coach was some sort of infidel? What happens when East Prarie loses their next game? That the salvation didn’t “take?” It’s a slippery theological slope, folks. There’s a fine line between rooting for your team and praying for them to win.

Though if you have a chance to mention it, the O’s could use an extra starting pitcher or two.


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