About Face

Facebook Friendly MarketingPerhaps it was inevitable. But I’ve finally given in to social (networking) pressure and joined Facebook. I’m a total hack right now, just figuring things out so if you’re one of my (23) “Friends” please bear with me.

I find that I’m only about five years late on any given technology. I started blogging a year ago this month, just got a Blackberry a few months ago, and joined Facebook on Saturday. Oh, and we only got basic cable a couple years ago — don’t even talk to me about DVRs and Tivo until after 2015.

The one thing I refuse to do is beg for friends. It just feels so virtually demeaning. And I also won’t relate my self worth to the number of friends I have. Of course that’s easy to say when you only have 23 friends.

One thing the whole Facebook thing does is water down the notion of “friendship.” I take the concept of friendship seriously — there’s a sense of loyalty and companionship that is truly a sacred covenant between two people. In my (face)book, that’s a divine gift. St. Aelred, the 12th century English monk, did a lot of writing on the notion of “spiritual friendship.” I love his statement that, “Though there can be love without friendship, friendship without love is impossible.”  I don’t think the founders of Facebook really had this in mind. So maybe the term “social networking” is much more appropriate in this regard.

Okay, I’ll get off my high horse now. I’m looking forward to just having fun with Facebook and connecting with people whether they’re mere acquaintances, people I knew a long time ago, or actual friends of mine.

And 23 is a pretty lame number so…please…friend me! I’m begging you!



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