Farewell to Youth

Well, they “got” me on Sunday. It’s hard to let your 40th birthday slide quietly under the radar when a whole church-full of people sings you “Happy Birthday.” Ugh.

But the conspiracy did result in perhaps the greatest birthday cake in the history of 40-year-old birthday cakes. Parishioner Natalie Johnson, a professional cake creator, put together this incredible confection. The picture here doesn’t do it justice, though it does give the flavor (so to speak).

Yes, that’s me sliding helplessly into my own grave. Ben and Zack loved it. Though Zack took a little bit too much glee in decapitating me and gouging my eyes out. I never thought I had too much in common with John the Baptist but we’ve both seen our heads on platters.

The cake was a nice touch and I’m grateful for the good wishes. I even feel like I’ve been accepted into a new secret society of people over 40. I keep waiting to find out if there’s a special tattoo I’m supposed to be getting. But, then, tattoos on people over 40 never look good so hopefully that’s not part of this new fraternity of old people that I’ve been initiated into.

On the gift front, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted for my birthday — nothing usually comes to mind until a few months later and then by the time October rolls around, I’ve forgotten. But after a certain event on my birthday itself, now I know. Unfortunately it’s too late. You see, I went for a nice run with Delilah in Rockefeller State Park on the 30th. And afterwards I went down to the Pocantico River, which runs through the park, to let Delilah drink some water. And I dropped my i-Pod into the drink. Yup, it slipped out of my hands as I was resetting the stopwatch and plunged into the shallow water. I grabbed it quickly — it was only submerged for about 2 and a half seconds. But now it doesn’t work. You can send money designated for the Father Tim i-Pod Fund to…

Fortunately an old (and I mean that literally) college friend and his family came by for an intimate birthday dinner on Saturday night. He came bearing 40 beers with miniature bows adorning each one. That should take some of the sting out of the i-Pod fiasco.


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