Angels in the Outfield

So, the Tampa Bay Rays took the “Devil” out of their name before the season and now they’re going to the World Series. Hmmmm. They’ve gone from the worst expansion franchise in the history of baseball as the DevilRays to the World Series as the Rays. Hmmmm.

A lot of people in certain circles are holding this up as an example of God’s hand at work in the world. Banish Satan and just look at the possibilities! And on the surface of things, this is a compelling example of the theory. But as “theology” it’s hogwash.

Let’s consider the evidence. The Duke Blue Devils? Three NCAA championships and 14 Final Four appearances under Coach K in the past 27 years. The New Jersey Devils? Stanley Cup champions in 1995, 2000, and 2003.

On the other side of things, why didn’t the Los Angelos Angels advance to the World Series this year? Sure they made the playoffs and had what many considered the best team in baseball. But they’re home this week watching the Rays play the Phillies. And what of the New Orleans Saints? The San Diego Padres? Shouldn’t they be sitting atop their divisions? And, despite all my prayers over the years, why haven’t my beloved Orioles been to the World Series in a quarter century?

There’s no doubt there’s evil in the world. Anyone who lived through 9/11 can’t dispute that. But that doesn’t mean God cares who wins a football game. Or who advances to the World Series. If so, you’d have teams with names like the Cleveland Yahwehs or the Phoenix Messiahs. And more players named Jesus Alou.

Enjoy the World Series. And don’t read into the fact that the Yankees, the “Evil Empire,” as they were once called by an executive with the Red Sox, didn’t make the playoffs for the first time in 14 years.


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