Technical Difficulties

“We are experiencing technical difficulties.” Perhaps that should be my mantra; I’m hardly a technological wizard. But I wouldn’t be alone. Did you catch the beginning of Game 6 of the ALCS between the Rays and Red Sox? Of course you didn’t. Because TBS was experiencing “technical difficulties.” So they showed a rerun of some inane sitcom call the “Steve Harvey Show” for the first 20 minutes while they sorted things out. I can’t imagine what it was like in the control room; and who paid the price of failure with their job.

But when it comes to experiencing technical difficulties I can relate. And I admit that one of the main reasons I had children was for the free at-home tech support. Though I’ll need to wait at least a few more years for the investment to pay dividends. Sure, Ben and Zack are great at figuring out problems with the Wii game system. But my computer issues are a bit more complex at this point.

My latest annoyance has to do with recording my sermons. I started to do this during the summer and it worked for awhile. I even have some of them on my website, which I like to make available to parishioners and especially Sunday School teachers who regularly miss them. Yes, I post the text but reading a sermon is much less effective than listening to one (though if you know the preacher and are familiar with his or her cadence you can “hear” it in your head).

I have a great little recording device called the Zoom H2 — the quality is pretty amazing. But for some reason it’s been cutting off my sermons toward the end. You could argue that it just “knows” when I’ve stopped preaching well and goes into sleep mode (at least it doesn’t start reading the bulletin).

Here’s an example. This week I preached my stewardship sermon. You can listen to it for 9 minutes and 48 seconds. And then it stops. Here’s the full text. Not sure if any of you will actually read this but if so, please do fill out a pledge card. 

Someone would probably tell me I need to purchase a memory card. But why would it have worked when I first got it? I’ve deleted all the old sermons from the device so that’s not the problem. So, I’m still experiencing “technical difficulties.” It must be a personal problem.


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