Mississippi Burning

I can cross Mississippi off the list. It was one of the few states I had never been to but I write this from the Credo Conference being held in Canton, MS at the Gray Conference Center. So it’s off the list. I realize getting to Mississippi before you die generally doesn’t make anybody’s top ten list. But it did make me reflect upon which of the United States I still haven’t gotten to.

Alaska’s the big one — though listening to Sarah Palin makes me feel like I’ve been there. Or at least that I can see Russia from here. But there are others: South Carolina, Montana, South Dakota, Oregon, New Mexico, and Idaho. I knocked off the state of Washington in the spring by attending an Episcopal Communicator’s conference out there. I do hope to get to every state before I kick the bucket. Not for any particular reason, but just because they’re there. 

In the spirit of “when in Rome” I had grits for breakfast this morning. I used to eat grits in Army chow halls but I now realize they were pretty lousy as far as grits go. I remember choking them down because I had a commanding officer from Alabama and he basically ordered us to eat the grits. This morning was the real deal — and, with a touch of brown sugar, they were delicious.

The grits were followed by crawdad etouffe for lunch and topped off with broiled catfish and turnip greens for dinner. Incredible. And not a bad culinary introduction to this much-maligned state. I might have to move here just for the food and southern hospitality. Just don’t tell Bryna.

2 Comments on “Mississippi Burning”

  1. David says:

    While it was so VERY awesome to see you this week, this post is most disturbing.
    Brown sugar? On grits? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???
    Glad you enjoyed your time at Gray Center….and why shouldn’t Mississippi be on everyone’s top 10 list?
    Y’all come – just remember you can put butter and pepper on grits, but hold the sugar….geez

  2. Father Tim says:

    Oops, forgot that Father Knight might actually read this. Is there any way to delete something from the internet? I’ll have to call Al Gore for a consult.

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