All Made Up

I wore makeup for the first time in my life this morning. Wait, that sounds odd on several fronts so I’ll clarify. I didn’t run away and join the circus – I’ve been tempted but I’m a lousy juggler. I haven’t decided to become a metrosexual – I’ve never even been tempted to get a pedicure. And I haven’t become a cross dresser – I only do that on Sunday mornings.

No, I had to get makeup for a taping of the Faith Streams Book Club. This is a new internet venture being launched by The Odyssey Network and my publisher set this up. So I taped two five-minute segments with host Timberly Whitfield that will be put up on their site and e-mailed to their membership list in November.

Timberly was great – energetic, open-minded, and genuinely excited about my book (she has a six-year-old daughter so she related to much of it). Prior to this venture, Timberly hosted a show called New Mornings that aired for six years on the Hallmark Channel. And she has a pretty fascinating story herself – she grew up in Africa as the daughter of missionaries of the United Methodist Church.

I think the taping went pretty well – they were pleased with it. It’s certainly all new to me. But after I got home, I did have to yell down the stairs to get Bryna’s advice on removing makeup. Definitely not a skill I ever thought I’d have to learn.


3 Comments on “All Made Up”

  1. LOVED your blog! And, thanks for your kind words. It was truly a pleasure meeting you. What fun we had! Let’s do it again – on Oprah’s new network this time….

    I’ve been telling anyone and everyone about your book – it was refreshing, entertaining and at the same time spiritual.

    Okay, so maybe you will have to go for that mani-pedi!

    Timberly Whitfield

  2. Father Tim says:

    Hey, a real live “on air personality” just commented on my blog!

    Thanks, Timberly — it was a lot of fun and I’ll look forward to seeing the finished product. If for no other reason than to determine if I need to hire my own personal stylist…

  3. […] I mentioned previously, this was my first attempt at wearing makeup and you can judge for yourself whether or […]

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