624. That’s how many copies of my book have sold so far according to my publisher. Which explains why I haven’t seen it on the New York Times bestseller list. I checked on Sunday.

Part of me is depressed by the number: “That’s it?!” And part of me is amazed by the number: “624 people have read my drivel?!” But it’s also early in the game. The reviews are just starting to come in. And, despite what you’re thinking, my mother only bought 20 copies — not the 500 you guessed.

Sure it would be nice to sell a lot of copies. Not because I’ll get rich and retire early — I’m losing money on this deal. But because I believe strongly in the message of “God’s Shoes.” As I’ve told audiences, I wrote the book because I got tired of reading books on spirituality that assume you have three hours to wander around the woods each day and navel gaze. Unless you’re a monk (and who is?) this just isn’t happening. So we work with what we’ve got and seek God in the zaniness of everyday life. And laugh along the way.

In the meantime, go ahead. Make it 625. Click here for the Amazon link. It’ll be good for my ego to up the numbers!


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