Sign Me Up

On Saturday I held my first book signing (ever) at the Barnes & Noble in Newburgh. It was definitely an interesting experience. It’s strange to walk into a store and see a large poster with your name and the cover of your book. When I first saw it I thought to myself, ‘Hey, that looks like a good book.’ And then I realized that, oh yeah, I’ve seen this before.

All the publishing literature I’ve read states that the average number of sales at a book signing is four. Which sounds woefully low until you do one and realize that unless you’re a celebrity author very few people are going to come out to see you. James Patterson I’m not.

You could ask, given the low sales at these events, why anyone would do a book signing? Good question. It’s all about the buzz I guess. When people actually meet an author they feel personally connected to the writer and the book. The thought is that then they’ll tell some friends about it and the whole thing will mushroom. I’m willing to do these events because I believe that “What Size Are God’s Shoes” can help parents on their spiritual journeys. We’ll see how it goes.

At least the six copies I signed put me above the average. And, hey, it’s the middle of August so what would you expect? Regardless of what you hear about the popularity of the “Staycation” there’s still no one around. And they did invite me to come back around the holidays so that was nice.

One woman I met who adores the Jan Karon Mitford Series realized as I was signing her book that I was a real life “Father Tim.” She insisted on giving me a hug. Um, okay.

There’s a line from an old Supertramp song that goes “I’m a winner, I’m a sinner. Do you want my autograph?” I’m not sure how this relates to anything except that it kept popping into my head on Saturday.


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