Tech Deck

It’s the latest “must have” item among the elementary school-aged boy set. It’s the Tech Deck. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, count your blessings.

What is it? It’s basically a mini skateboard that comes in a variety of styles. “Collect them all!” Kids at camp have been playing with (and/or nagging their parents to get) them all summer long. Now, you can’t ride the thing — unless you were the size of a grasshopper. You’re supposed to do tricks with them using your hands: flips, jumps, etc. Our kitchen table has been transformed into a skate park.

Yes, we finally broke down and got each of them one last week. Actually Bryna broke down when I was out of town — I flat out refused to buy them something so ridiculous. Even though, as the boys pointed out, “they’re only $4 each.” Yeah, for the first one.

Yesterday Zack lost a wheel in my car on the way back from dinner. This was a huge crisis until I saved the day by tearing apart my car and using a flashlight to recover the minuscule piece.

My real complaint with the Tech Deck — beyond the name which makes no sense to me —  is that I didn’t invent it myself. What was I (not) thinking!


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  1. […] is — and unless you have elementary-school aged boys I’d be worried if you do — I wrote about their popularity last summer. It’s basically a miniature skateboard whose appeal is […]

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