Georgia On My Mind

I “killed” in Georgia Wednesday morning!

I’m not sure if that’s appropriate radio lingo. Alright, I guess it works a lot better for a blues musician playing a gig at some honky tonk in the Mississippi Delta. But I had a great radio interview for “God’s Shoes” on WDUN in Gainsville, Georgia (northeast of Atlanta). I was a guest on the Morning Show with Bill and Joel and had a lot of fun with them. They were both wonderful, insightful, and entertaining hosts who clearly have a knack for putting their guests at ease. We chatted about the title — just what size are God’s shoes? — and I bemoaned the unfortunate fact that my boys have turned to the dark side and become Yankee fans. All in the context of finding God in the midst of domestic chaos.

The fun part was that Bryna was able to listen to the show on the computer downstairs while I was on the phone upstairs. Though the show was live, there’s a slight delay which meant when I came clomping down the stairs afterward Bryna had to shush me since I was still talking on the radio.

You’ll be glad to know that the station broadcasts Rush Limbaugh’s show. So later in the day, after hearing me spew God stuff, listeners could stay tuned to hear Rush spew his right-wing bile. What a contrast!


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