Crazy Hair Day

The picture says it all. Yesterday was Crazy Hair Day at Briarcliff Manor Super Camp. In addition to Zack’s “shocked” look, Ben went in with a major mohawk.

This was all courtesy of Aunt Liz who’s currently going to school to become a hairdresser — she wants to own her own shop one day. Knowing Liz, I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s beauty consultant to the stars. Unfortunately no one sings songs about beauty school graduates; it’s the dropouts who get all the fame. Oh well.

Where’s Ben’s picture you ask? When I questioned the boys about whether I could post their crazy hair photos on my blog, Zack was psyched. Ben on the other hand, citing embarrassment, forbid me to use it. And while I respect that, I’ll be sure to keep a copy for the photo montage I intend to put together at his future rehearsal dinner.

Besides the free at-home tech support, embarassing my kids was one of the major reasons I had children in the first place.


5 Comments on “Crazy Hair Day”

  1. The Senior Warden says:

    You’re absolutely right about this being one of the joys of parenting. I delight in showing old videos of Mike and Sam reenacting movies of the 80’s especially to their current friends. The boys are so embarrassed. And their friends love it. And, of course, eventually Mike and Sam sit down and join in the viewing wondering who those funny people on the screen are.

  2. Father Tim says:


    You and Mrs. Senior Warden are our role models! Except for your hand in the boys’ converstion to the Evil Empire…

  3. Mary W. Cox says:

    These days my daughter, who is more or less your age, wears her hair in approximately that style and color all the time, on purpose. She’s a substance abuse counselor, and she says she’s heard clients refer to her behind her back as “Jilly Idol” (her name is Gillian), which amuses her greatly.

    When she was in college and began to try on the first of her many and various punk and/or goth looks, my husband wisely pointed out, “It’s what INSIDE the head that counts.” You might want to keep that one in mind for your sons’ future hirsute adventures.

  4. Father Tim says:

    And at least, for now, they’re only infatuated with “temporary” tatoos!

  5. Dorothee says:

    I swear Zach looks 18 in this photo!

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