Wet Paint

I never knew what a difference a coat of paint could make. Well, that’s not entirely true. I just never knew what a difference a coat of white paint could make.

We’ve been painting the interior of the church this week and it looks great. A parishioner at All Saints’ put himself through graduate school by painting houses. He’s now a school psychologist with three kids but it  took years before he ever let anyone around here know about his past. Smart move because, needless to say, he ended up organizing the whole operation and did most of the painting himself over four and a half days.

The church hadn’t been painted in about 25 years and it showed. It wasn’t horrible, it was just a bit “tired” looking. Now the place looks clean, crisp, bright, and the stained glass windows really pop. Everyone who’s seen it is just amazed. 

But people always get nervous whenever you touch the worship space in a church. I’m waiting for the first “It’s too bright” comment. Actually I’ve thought about preempting this. Here’s my plan: take a photo of the inside of the church, use photoshop to make it look like we’ve painted it in pastels (yellows, pinks, and greens), and email it out to people asking for their feedback on the new paint job.

This might also increase attendance for next Sunday.


One Comment on “Wet Paint”

  1. Dorothee says:

    Tim, you can blame the color selection on me!

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