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Something clicked. Zack’s gone from “Reading’s boring” to reading a book a day literally overnight. And it all started with “Stink” (the book, not the odor).

Ben’s loved to read ever since he could, well, read. And you feel like a great parent when you have to pry a book out of your child’s hand and turn off the light at night. “Step away from the book!” Given his druthers he’d read until midnight. Zack was different. While he loved to be read to — generally the same book for months on end until we were all sick of it — he had no desire to read on his own. He could read himself, he just preferred for me and Bryna to read to him.

Maybe it was because reading was his brother’s “thing” or perhaps he wanted to be completely confident in his reading before he immersed himself in anything beyond “Hop on Pop.” Whatever the reason, he’s now a reading maniac. Thanks to the initial “Stink” book that first caught his fancy — we’d trotted out all sorts of books to pique his interest all of which were met with absolute apathy. 

Now he’s reading the Mary Pope Osbourne “Magic Tree House” series. He’s on book number eight of about 40 in the continuing saga of Jack and Annie. Thanks to our friend Melanie we have them all — she was her publicist when she worked at Random House. The boys have even met Mary which makes them mini-celebrities among the early reader set.

I’m just glad the boys seem to have inherited our love of reading — it doesn’t hurt that they were so atrocious last week that we took away Wii for the foreseeable future.


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