What Size Are God’s Shoes?

The author copies of my book arrived from the publisher yesterday. Since I’m not a woman, I’m not allowed to compare the whole process to giving birth. I tried that once when I completed a long term paper and all it got me was a dirty look from Bryna.

But it’s awfully nice to hold, okay cradle, the finished product in my arms. No word on the book’s Apgar scores.

Part of me had trouble believing it would ever be printed — I had visions that some newly-hired editor-in-chief would suddenly appear and put the kibosh on the whole project: “What were you thinking publishing this drivel?!”

But it made it into production and now there are a few thousand copies waiting to be adopted into good homes. Please don’t leave “God’s Shoes” orphaned! I’d be terribly embarrassed if my mother was the only one to buy a copy. At least I didn’t have to ask her to write the blurb on the back — Barbara Crafton graciously did the honors.

So, here’s how to get 25% off the steep cover price of $12. This offer is only valid for the loyal readers of my blog (and anyone else you can think of). Go to www.churchpublishing.org use code WHAT08EM at check-out for this special discount. This offer expires on September 15th. After which time you can look for my infomercial on late night cable TV.


2 Comments on “What Size Are God’s Shoes?”

  1. Dorothee says:

    Mines on order!

  2. Father Tim says:

    Thanks, Dorothee! It’ll be the best $9 (plus shipping) you ever spent! Sorry, no money back guarantee…

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