For Immediate Release

Want an inside look into the PR machine behind “God’s Shoes?” Well, if you keep reading you’ll get to take a peak. Just don’t tell anyone I let you in on this. I might get my kneecaps broken by some publishing thug.

Below is the Press Release that was sent out this week. Feel free to believe the hype. Or not.





 One of my great fears in moving to New York was that my boys would become Yankee fans. Being from Baltimore and being a huge Orioles fan, this was simply unacceptable. When they were really young I had them brainwashed to say, “Go Orioles, boo Yankees.” But then they turned to the dark side. Maybe it was inevitable since all their friends love the Yankees and, well, the Yankees always win. But on this score, I still think I’ve failed as a parent.” 

Author and Episcopal priest Tim Schenck takes this humorous example from his life and turns it into a life lesson that God does indeed exist in the midst of domestic chaos if we just keep our eyes open and our sense of humor intact.  This essay (“The Power of the Dark Side”) is one of 40 in Schenck’s soon-to-be-released book, What Size are God’s Shoes? Kids, Chaos and the Spiritual Life (Morehouse Publishing, August 1, 2008). 

The title of the book came from a conversation with his two boys, age 7 and 9, who started asking questions like “Where does God live?” and “How big is God?”  Schenck would say uninspiring things like God is everywhere and God lives in your heart. But the incessant kid questions kept coming and Schenck thought of one: “It’s a logical question; if God is so all-encompassing why wouldn’t you wonder about the size of God’s shoes?

Schenck says he wrote this book for anyone who’s trying to find God while immersed in the zaniness of raising kids. “Parents of young children will especially relate to the stories I share. The subtitle really says it all: Kids, Chaos, and the Spiritual Life. If this resonates, the book is right up your alley.”

Schenck’s introduction speaks further to the theme of the book:It’s hard to have a “God complex” when your kids expect you to play “garbage truck” every night. They’ve since outgrown this game of me lying on the floor as the boys stuffed trucks, action figures, and plastic dinosaurs into my shirt.  When the garbage truck got full to the point of overflowing, I would go to the town dump by standing up. This would then be repeated ad nauseam. On any given day, I might find myself absolving sins in the name of the church one moment and serving the cause of waste management the next.  So much for clerical elitism.”


Electronic galleys available now. Excerpts, review copies, and interviews available on request from Morehouse Publishing, c/o Bill Falvey,,  917-373-8510.

What Size Are God’s Shoes?  Kids, Chaos, and the Spiritual Life

Morehouse Publishing  *  Release August 1, 2008  *  $12.00

5.5” x 8.5”  *  Paperback  *  144 pages  *  ISBN: 978-0-8192-2312-8 


Tim Schenck has published articles in a variety of religious and secular publications including Family Circle, Spirituality & Health, The New York Times, Christian Parenting Today, The Living Church, Episcopal Life, and The Baltimore Sun. He is the rector of All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Briarcliff Manor, New York. When not tending to his congregation or spending time with his family, Schenck, an avid amateur triathlete, can usually be found swimming, running, or biking. He lives in the All Saints’ rectory with his wife, their two sons, and their dog.




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