Going Long

There are officially 32 regular season games left to play at what’s now being called “the old” Yankee Stadium. A new one, with a lot more luxury boxes, is being built in preparation for next season. I took the boys and Ben’s best friend Cole to number 33 yesterday afternoon. It’s tough sitting with three young and enthusiastic Yankee fans when you loathe the team. Especially when the Yanks win as they did yesterday in 10 innings.

Of course it went into extra innings. I’ve found that whenever I take the kids to a game it inevitably goes into extra innings or overtime. Usually this only happens for night games — and we end up staying up until midnight and then paying dearly with cranky kids the next day. This is especially aggravating when it’s a meaningless game between the Knicks and the Trailblazers but I’m glad my theory holds even for day games.

And it’s not like they close the concession stands during the extra innings. While they stop serving beer after the 7th, the cotton candy guy keeps circling until the bitter end. Not that I had anything stronger than a Coke at the game. Call me old fashioned but I just can’t bring myself to pay $8.50 for a Coors Light. I could buy a whole case for that price!

As an Orioles fan, I won’t be sad to see “The House that Ruth Built” get demolished. But as a dad I’m bummed out that the place I took Ben to his first game will meet the wrecking ball. Just as I was devastated when the old Memorial Stadium, the place I saw my first game with mydad, was torn down. Of course I got myself a stadium seat when they were selling them off. But that’s not happening with Yankee Stadium. Besides the fact that the prices will be exhorbitant, I simply refuse to have any Yankee memorabilia in the house. Besides my children.


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  1. Suefessews says:

    I agreed with you

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