A Fond Farewell

Well, our goldfish Clem gave up the ghost on the Fourth of July. This bionic 29 cent goldfish lived an astounding 5 1/2 years. Ben wants me to call the Guinness Book of World Records — in carnival goldfish years Clem was about 950. I’d rather just drink a pint of Guinness and raise a toast to Clem.

But considering the boys are 7 and 9 we had Clem for a good portion of their lives. So a sad day around here. No tears were shed but we did all gather this morning to bury Clem in the backyard. The boys picked out a nice spot on the hill overlooking the house — so Clem could watch over us — and I conducted the burial service.

Bryna and I discovered Clem’s demise after returning from an evening in the city to watch fireworks from a friend’s rooftop deck. Oddly enough Delilah was curled up in front of the fish tank — a place she never goes. It’s said that pets have a sixth sense when it comes to death and I’ve seen enough examples of this not to doubt it. But still.

In the meantime we have an empty fish tank sitting in the family room. The boys wanted to go out immediately and get another one. But I think we’ll take a break from fish for awhile. If for no other reason than to honor Clem’s time as a member of our family.

Anybody need a nearly new can of fish food?


2 Comments on “A Fond Farewell”

  1. Neva Rae Fox says:

    I had a fish named Reds (yes it was red) that resided in my office for over three years. I too was saddened when Reds migrated to the great ocean in the sky. I never replaced Reds — not sure why not. So, please accept my condolences on the loss of a living creature that was a part of your lives.

  2. Father Tim says:

    Thanks, Neva Rae. It took me a couple of days to empty the tank and store it in the garage. The boys haven’t asked about another fish recently so I think our fish days may be over for awhile. Maybe I’ll see if Delilah’s interested in fish food.

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