Rock On

We’ve become the Partridge Family. We don’t have the bus yet but we’ve got the band. Sort of. We’re virtual rock stars thanks to Nintendo Wii’s Rock Band.

If you’re not familiar with it, Rock Band is part karaoke and part video game. It comes with a faux drum set, a microphone, and a fake guitar. In other words you could be a Rock Band superstar and not be able to play a lick. Such is life in the wonderful world of video games: you have virtual skills but they don’t actually translate to anything tangible. Like playing the guitar or using a light saber. Which makes it frustrating for someone like me who enjoys hacking away on my actual Fender Stratocaster guitar but can’t push any of the right buttons on the pseudo one.

Ben received this as a birthday gift from his friends and family. When confronted with the choice between a larger party or a larger gift, he wisely and thankfully went for the latter. So for once we’re actually on the cutting edge of gaming technology — Rock Band for Wii literally just came out. Ben even had to wait two weeks after his birthday for it to arrive. It came yesterday and the boys have been rocking out ever since.

Last night while Bryna and I were downstairs we heard Zack’s cute little seven-year-old voice upstairs singing “Roxanne.” And we just burst out laughing. Their best song so far is The Clash’s “Should I stay or should I go.” And to see your two kids jamming to such an iconic punk classic is something to behold.

I’m considering giving up my day job and going on a virtual tour. I’m not sure how much it’ll pay but perhaps it’ll at least be enough to purchase a bus.


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