Ode to a Coffee Card

Out of a coffee-induced burst of inspiration, I offer you the following poem. It’s dedicated to those cards you get at coffee shops where you buy ten cups and get the 11th free. Schlock or genius — you make the call.

Ode to a Coffee Card

By Father Tim

Through the sly smirk of a pierced lip it appears. A challenge offered; a gauntlet thrown.

A lone hole appears. Enthusiasm fades to hopelessness.

An eternity. An insurmountable peak.

From the depths of despair more light appears. A glimmer of hope.

Like a musical crescendo, it rises. Higher and higher toward the pinnacle.

The Card. It gives meaning to life. An aspiration. A reason to go on.  

The barista punches; a validation of creeping wholeness.

Doggedness prevails. The climactic moment bursts forth. Free coffee flows!

And then a return to emptiness. Blank card, blank slate, blank soul.


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