Vroom, Vroom

Well, I went out and got my motorcycle learner’s permit this week. I can’t believe I took this step and I don’t know if it will lead to my dream of getting a motor scooter. Bryna was so not amused – I didn’t tell her until after the fact.

All it took was a trip to Peekskill. Now there are only two reasons I ever have of going there; one pleasant, the other not so much. But I was able to combine the two for this venture. I hung out at the hip Peekskill Coffee Shop while I studied the motorcycle manual online. Then headed over to the DMV to take the test.

It totally brought me back to being in high school and taking the written test to get my driver’s license. It didn’t hurt that I was surrounded by nervous teenagers. Not sure if they viewed sitting next to a priest in his collar as a positive sign of God’s presence or a negative sign of God’s impending judgment. But my studying paid off and I aced the test (20 out of 20).

The permit’s good for one year. So I have 12 months to convince Bryna to let me go ahead and get my actual license. She’s scared that I’ll become the song lyric “Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.” She envisions me as the bug to a Cadillac Escalade’s windshield.

I may need to hire a professional lobbyist for this one.


5 Comments on “Vroom, Vroom”

  1. Fr. Patrick Ward says:

    I thought I was quite professional the other night in my attempt to lobby on your behalf.

  2. Father Tim says:

    Yeah it was especially helpful when you mentioned that your nurse wife refers to motorcycles as “donor-cycles.” Your check is in the mail.

  3. Dorothee says:

    You know my saying on the matter. . . it’s better to be round than flat!

  4. Megan Ward says:

    Really the term donor cycles is a myth… theres usually to much trauma to the body to use any of the organs…

  5. Bryna Rogers says:

    A-HA! I am right again. I even offered (in a moment of weakness) that I would prefer him to go out and buy a red corvette, or any convertible, for that matter…well, I must go and up his life insurance.

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