Running for It

Ben and I ran a local 5k race (3.1 miles) on Memorial Day.  It was a fundraiser for the village library expansion project and about 100 people turned out. So for $40 we did a good thing, got some exercise, and earned a t-shirt.

We ran in lockstep, getting to the finish line in 33 minutes. A nice, smooth 10:38 per mile pace. Not bad for an almost 9-year-old running his very first 5k! Sure there were a few spots when Ben wanted to quit (“Dad, I think I’m gonna throw up”) but I encouraged him to keep going.

I didn’t use threats, just lots of incentive. I told him that there would be refreshments at the finish and to think of it like enduring church to get to the Promised Land of Coffee Hour. Not the most positive image of church but I was desperate. And it paid off — Ben finished second in his age group (8 and under) and was awarded a plaque. Plus they had donuts at the finish line so it was just like Coffee Hour. Somehow the urge to yak dissipated as he stuffed two glazed donuts down his throat.

I’m not sure when we’ll run another one together but it’s a gift to be able to share your own passions with your children. Zack and I ran a 5k last Thanksgiving. He also did a great job and had a lot of fun. But when I asked him whether he wanted to run this one with me and Ben (thus roping in his mother) he said, “I’ve already run one. What the big deal?” Okay then. Been there, done that I guess.


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