Up, Up, and Away

We got into NYC on Saturday to take the kids to the new Superheroes: Fashion & Fantasy exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This was an effective way to sell the boys on a trip to the museum. The allure of Spiderman is more powerful than the draw of 18th century decorative arts.

The exhibit had a few highlights: the actual costume Christopher Reeve wore in the original Superman movie; two Tobey Mcguire outfits from Spiderman; and Michelle Pfeifer’s Cat Woman get up. They were stuffed with action-posed mannequins which added to the whole experience. Ben and Zack’s overall review? Not enough villains.

It still amazes me just how drawn to superheroes the boys remain. This never ending quest for truth and justice seems to be a never ending phase of childhood. And at some level we never grow out of it — we still crave heroes. Of course human beings always disappoint at some level because they’re, well, human (see Bonds, Spitzer, et al).

Of course we couldn’t leave the Met without a trip to the Arms and Armor room. I’m not sure they know there are other things to see besides knights. But that’s okay. They love going to the museum and that’s a beautiful thing. Nothing beats jamming a bit of culture into your kids; even if, in the case of the Superheroes exhibit, it’s pop culture.


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