Green Day

I’m incompetent in grocery stores. I ran out to pick up a couple of items earlier this week and it took me forever to find the four things I needed. Why aren’t ice pops with the other frozen food? Zack was sick so I ventured out solo one evening to get the usual sick food: saltines, ginger ale, etc.

It’s not that I’m purposefully horrible at this just to get out of doing the groceries. Some unnamed husbands I know stoop to such levels to get out of things like cooking, cleaning, and child duty. I’m just really inneficient in grocery stores. Sure, I can’t stand going either but it’s mostly that I’m just bad at it.

I did, however, have my first encounter with reusable bags. And I ended up being both green and economical — according to Bryna Food Emporium gives you 2 cents off for using your own bag. But I admit that I felt a bit self-conscious walking in with it. It didn’t help that Bryna handed me a bright red Target bag. I was hoping for a more subtle way to help the environment.

But this feeling quickly morphed into self-righteousness once I got in line at the register. I wanted to mutter “Earth killer” under my breath at all the other shoppers who were getting plastic bags. But I stuck with a haughty look of holier-than-thou disdain. Who knew shopping could be such a self-congratulatory experience? I could get used to this. Well, as long as it’s only the occasional four items.



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