Adventures in Podcasting

I spent the morning beating my head against a wall. In other words I was trying to teach myself how to use some new technology. And by “new” I mean something your average 10-year-old could do with his eyes tied behind his back. This particular head bashing revolved around podcasting.

At the Episcopal Communicators conference in Seattle last month I heard about a great new product for recording sermons. The Zoom H2 is a handy little recording device which I ordered and used for the first time on Sunday. The sound was great but unfortunately it doesn’t enhance the sermon’s content. The idea is to start podcasting my sermons. That way parishioners who can’t be in church on Sunday morning (because they’re out of town or ill – not because they’re sleeping in or going to soccer, of course) will be able to hear the sermon at their convenience. It’s also intended as a resource for our Sunday School teachers who bring the kids in for communion but miss the Liturgy of the Word.

Putting sermons on the web also means that anyone in the world can be inspired and enlightened by my preaching. I’m sure I’ll be overwhelmed with visits to my website and I’ll become the Joel Osteen of the Episcopal Church. The only thing stopping me? I still haven’t figured out how to make them available!

But I’m getting closer. I exported the file into an MP3 format and put it on my iTunes. So I can now listen to it on my iPod. The next time I go out for an 11 minute and 30 second run I’ll be able to listen to the sound of my own voice. Talk about hitting “The Wall.” Ugh.

Eventually I’ll figure out how to make the sermon accessible for download. It may take grabbing a teenager off the street and kidnapping him for the two minutes it would take for him to do it for me. Until then I’ll keep beating my head against the wall.


3 Comments on “Adventures in Podcasting”

  1. Janice says:

    I’ll bet James can do this. He posts songs he writes on his Facebook page.(and I type this as if I know what that means…) His exams are over on Wednesday, end of the day. Call him; I think he’d like to help!

    PS I can use Powerpoint and have been bored by it repeatedly. Advice to you and Ben: turn each slide into one big picture with a couple of words to “talk over”. Biggest mistake in PPT — too much text.

  2. David Knight says:

    One simple solution that I have used for 4 years now – just upload the mp3 file to your website, and put a link to it on a “Sermons” page.
    Go to for examples – and also to be unbelievably intimidated by my preaching prowess.
    I have messed around with various podcasting methods (so people “automatically” get the sermon mp3 to their ipod) but so far none work very well. But just uploading and pointing to the mp3 allows folks to go to the website and listen, and surprisingly a lot do.
    Good luck and I can totally help with that if you need it.

  3. Father Tim says:

    Janice: You mean you can use ppt for something other than a U2charist? Who knew!

    David: What the (*&(*&^ are you talking about?

    And “Simple?” “Four years?” That’s supposed to make me feel better?

    I actually managed to get the audio of my Pentecost sermon onto my website: It must have been a fluke since I have no idea how I did it. Oh, I mean the Holy Spirit.

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