Cover Up

Well, the cover art for my book (Morehouse) is done and I think it looks great! Interestingly, the illustrator, Charles Hefling, is also an Episcopal priest and a theology professor at Boston College. Some people are just too gifted.

Unfortunately they could only fit a picture of one boy on the cover. So now Ben and Zack are arguing about which one of them it is. I’ve recently taught them a new vocabulary word: composite. But they prefer to continue the debate rather than reflect upon my absurd notion. And by “debate” don’t think US Senate. Think more along the lines of professional wrestling.

The book has been given a September release date. You can actually pre-order it from Amazon, and save 20%, by clicking here. I assume it would arrive before September — the release date is more for publicity purposes (I’m told). I may pre-order one just to see when it arrives. Of course I’d give myself a personally signed copy.


4 Comments on “Cover Up”

  1. Sharon says:

    The cover looks great. End the argument/debate over who it is on the cover and tell them it is one of their friend’s at your house for a playdate. Who, incidently, is being outrageously naughty (assuming he is painting on a wall) and should be sent home immediately!

    JC and I are looking forward to seeing the finished copy!

  2. Father Tim says:

    Wow, Sharon, you’re good. And I’ll remember to never, ever paint on the walls at YOUR house.

  3. Sharon says:

    Darn right! Just please tell my kids that…!

  4. Neva Rae Fox says:

    So I guess I know what we’re all getting for Christmas this year.

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