Spring Break

Spring Break is getting easier. Even a couple of years ago the mere mention of it sent chills down our collective parental spines. No school, lots of rain, all the boys’ friends in Florida, and me slaving away during Holy Week. Bryna spent the week trapped inside with cranky kids arguing over everything from putting socks on to drinking root beer for breakfast. And no you can’t watch nine straight episodes of Sponge Bob Square Pants. What’s left of your brain will explode.

This year has been great in comparison. Besides not overlapping with Holy Week (Easter was as early as it possibly can be), the weather has been fabulous. Which means if anyone gets whiny they’ll receive a quick shove out the door into the backyard. It’s the perfect cure-all for everybody involved.

We also spent a couple of days in Boston which helped eased the everyone-else-is-going-somewhere-why-can’t-we syndrome. We hit some of the old standards and the kids had a great time. While I ran the marathon, Bryna took Ben and Zack to the Museum of Science. The next day I hobbled around after them at the New England Aquarium and Faneuil Hall before heading to Harvard Square for dinner. I was disappointed that my old college haunt Nick’s Beef & Beer was no longer in Cambridge but I doubt they would have had a kids’ menu anyway (cheap beer in a sippy cup?).

Still, I am working this week which the boys don’t really get. They’re off so I should be available to play baseball with them on demand, right? But I did find a great solution to this. We went out and got them a pitch-back. This is basically a metal frame with tightly wound netting. They can throw the ball and it comes back to them. Instant baseball buddy! I thought about putting my face on it so it felt like I was playing catch with them (how’s that for lame parenting?). But then I realized they’d just be pelting my face with baseballs. And enjoying it way too much.


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