The Glorious Taper

One of the rights of passage for marathoning is the taper. After months of increasingly longer runs (up to 22 miles), you suddenly back off the training quite dramatically. Most marathon programs call for 20 miles three weeks before the race, 12 miles two weeks out, and 8 miles the week before.

In preparation for Monday’s Boston Marathon I ran for the last time this morning — about five and a half miles. Now come the pre-race jitters. Most runners start to go a bit nuts when they can’t run for even several consecutive days. Add in pre-race nerves and it’s a recipe for twitching. Or at least driving your family mad.

Granted it didn’t help that I had three cups of coffee while working on my sermon at Coffee Labs. I was only going to have two mugs of the El Salvadoran blend but just as I was getting ready to pack up the owner, Mike Love, brought me over a free latte. To paraphrase Vito Corleone in The Godfather, it was an offer I coudn’t refuse. But it didn’t help with the whole twitching thing.

This afternoon I’m sitting in my office, getting some work done, and hydrating. This used to be called “drinking water.” Starting tomorrow I’ll pay special attention to carbo loading. Or, as I like to call it, the Anti-Atkins Diet (whatever happened to that?).

I’m still about $450 short of my goal to raise $2,500 for global nutrition programs through Tufts. You can click here to donate. If I don’t get there it’ll come out of my pocket. That’s fine — I was planning to donate something anyway. And, as I told Bryna, they did send me (what might become a $450) t-shirt and hat.   


3 Comments on “The Glorious Taper”

  1. Lois Schenck says:

    We think what you’re doing is great–we also envy your persistence and fortitude!! So good luck, good weather, and happy landing on the right side of the finish line! Your admiring Baltimore family

  2. Stefan says:

    Have a great run. Welcome to Boston.

  3. Fr. Patrick Ward says:

    Of course no mention that your last run was not done alone but with your old training buddy. By the way great job today

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