Safeco Pilgrimmage

Took a tour of Safeco Field in Seattle last night with about 20 fellow Episcopal Communicators. It was arranged by a retired priest whose wife is the Suffragan Bishop of the Diocese of Olympia. Part of what he does in his retirement — besides going to a slew of church events with his spouse — is to serve as a tour guide at the ballpark. What a great gig! Sign me up — when does the Pension Fund kick in?

Safeco is pretty impressive — and with a $520 million price tag it should be. Built in 1999, it was the most expensive sports arena ever built. It will soon lose this distinction to the new Yankee Stadium that’s currently under construction — the House that George Built. Safeco has a fully retractable roof and has aged beautifully. Too bad they house the Mariners.

There’s something amazing about being the only ones inside a 47,000 seat stadium. Slightly eerie but I walked around a bit giddy the whole time. Being in a major league ballpark that stirs my soul — what can I say? I realize no team’s going to offer me a contract at this point — I’m not that delusional. It just feels as if you’re part of something exciting, something larger than yourself. It’s like being inside a giant European cathedral in that sense.

In my next life I hope to come back as a professional baseball player. For the Orioles of course. Oh wait, I don’t believe in reincarnation. I guess it’s just as well. Something would probably get screwed up in translation and I’d end up prancing around as the Phillie Phanatic.


3 Comments on “Safeco Pilgrimmage”

  1. Neva Rae Fox says:

    So what’s wrong with the Phillie Phanatic? He may be different and he may be green, but why pick on him?
    A Lifelong and still going strong Phillies Fan.

  2. Father Tim says:

    1983 World Series: O’s vs. Phils. Good outcome for the Birds; lifetime of my ire for the Phanatic.

  3. Bryna Rogers says:

    Ben and Zack were not so impressed to hear about your Mariners tour when they heard that you DIDN’T even go to a game while you (and they) were in town!

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