Dog Fancy

Bryna’s been dropping hints about getting another dog. Subtle things like bringing up pet adoption websites, clicking on some cute dog with, well, puppy dog eyes and exclaiming, “Isn’t he so cute?” And of course he’s cute — perhaps the most adorable ball of fur I’ve ever seen. But so are the 20 other dogs on the website.  

Her other tactic has been to look at Delilah and say, “Don’t you think she needs a friend?” But wait a minute. I’m Delilah’s friend. Don’t I count? Who takes her to the office with me nearly every day? Who takes her running? Who takes her to her favoirte coffee shop every week? If anything, I’m Delilah’s faithful companion rather than the other way around. Man’s best friend? I’m her best friend.

Bryna’s hasn’t been pushing too hard yet. Just dropping these little hints. I’m worried she’s going to enlist the boys in her campaign. I can withstand one set of online puppy dog eyes but I’m not sure about a dinner-table full of them. 

In some ways it probably doesn’t matter — it’s not as if another dog would add anything new to the already overflowing family chaos at our house. I might not even notice. But I’m trying to stay strong and hoping this second dog idea is just a passing (dog) fancy. In the meantime I’ll just avert my eyes whenever she brings up the online puppy photos. It’s just too tempting.


7 Comments on “Dog Fancy”

  1. sharon says:

    Some women drop hints about having a third child…!

  2. Father Tim says:

    But Delilah IS our third child — and our only girl to boot…

  3. Bryna Rogers says:

    I am using your time in Seattle to look for another cutie and getting the kids on board to adopt another friend for Delilah.

  4. Father Tim says:

    First of all, isn’t a bit dorky to have your wife post a comment on your blog? In case anyone’s wondering we actually do speak on occasion. I better not come home to a new pet!

  5. Lois Schenck says:

    Hi Guys
    I just started volunteering at the Falls Rd SPCA and boy is there a collection of cute dogs to adopt. Imagine the fun you could have travelling back home from Baltimore with two kids AND a dog in the back seats!
    Love, Mom

  6. hrosik23 says:

    I’ve a question. What kind of dog race is on the picture?
    I’d like to know, because my dear friend fell in love with this dog. I just want to make her happy 🙂
    If anybody knows, please, send me an answer to

  7. Thump says:

    Looks like a Border Collie.

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