Play Ball!

Baseball season starts today. Oh, not the major leagues — the Orioles have already lost their first game and are well on their way to an 11th consecutive losing season. But Ben and Zack have their first little league practice tonight. They’re on the same team this year, much to Ben’s annoyance. And I’m not sure why a third grader got put on a team with mostly first and second graders. But that’s Briarcliff baseball for you. Try and ask questions of the powers-that-be and you encounter Kremlin-like secrecy. 

Some of these guys think they’re GM’s for pro teams. They have tryouts and drafts. I wouldn’t be surprised if the boys were subjected to a random drug test at some point during the season. If either one of them ends up linked to BALCO in Jose Canseco’s new book, we’ll have to switch back to soccer.

But this doesn’t diminish the boys’ excitement. They’ve been asking all week, “Is it Wednesday yet?” And to prepare we’ve spent a small fortune this week on baseball cleats, a new glove for Zack, baseball pants, and socks. They’re also thrilled that their new team is sponsored by Squire’s, their favorite burger joint in town.

 Play ball!


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