Maundy Thursday Personal Ad

Married male priest on sabbatical ISO Maundy Thursday liturgy.  Me: slightly unreformed liturgically, prefers white altar hangings, enjoys strippers (of the altar variety). You: smooth (liturgical) operator with a hint of perfume (incense), and good mood music (preferably the Tantum ergo). Foot washing a plus.

Yes, I’m about to go online and pick a church to attend tonight. I’ve got a few ideas but I want to check out some websites. Hey, that’s how people pick churches these days so why shouldn’t I? Maybe I’ll choose the church with the best website. If they’ve still got their Christmas schedule up, they’re out. If they haven’t posted their Holy Week services, I’m not calling to find out when they are. Tough, passive aggressive love. That’s what these places need.

Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted.


2 Comments on “Maundy Thursday Personal Ad”

  1. David Cobb says:

    We’re exactly what you want, if not where you want. And if only I’d known about the sabbatical, we could have had you up as preacher. I’d so love to here about the peeps again. All the best for the rest of your time– and to Byrna and those great boys of yours.

  2. Father Tim says:

    My memory of preaching at Christ Church, New Haven at your Installation is a bit hazy. Or perhaps that was just the cloud of incense hanging over everything. Best wishes this week!

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