Sleepers (Please Don’t) Wake

Big night for Zack tonight — his first sleepover. He’s all fired up about it and he and his friend William have been planning out the evening’s schedule for weeks. I don’t think sleep is on their agenda but then it’s not at our house so who cares?

Zack’s been clamoring for a sleepover for two years now; ever since Ben had his first sleepover when he turned seven. And his packing list reflects the long wait. He’s certainly not traveling light: he’s bringing his comforter and pillow, some stuffed animals, clothes, pajamas, toothbrush (only because we’re forcing him), and his plastic Godzilla. At least that’s all I’m aware of. 

We’ll see if we get THE CALL tonight. You know, the one that comes from William’s mom at midnight when Zack is too afraid to fall asleep. I’m not expecting it since Zack is a great sleeper but you never know. Ben was fine for his first sleepover  — though Bryna and I were a bit traumatized. “Our baby doesn’t need us anymore!”

It’s all part of that parental realization that we don’t “own” our kids, we’re merely their temporary stewards. And that’s bittersweet.


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