Pipe Dreams

pipe.jpgAs I mentioned in a previous post, we’re having the kitchen redone at the rectory. Note to self: the next time you take a sabbatical, don’t simultaneously renovate the kitchen. Progress is being made, however, and we once again have full use of the washer and dryer. Hauling laundry to my mother-in-law’s house across town got old. Okay, I only did it once but that was enough.

Fortunately the tiny new sink in the mudroom has been installed because the only other one in the house — the upstairs bathroom — is now clogged. I’m waiting for the plumber to call me back. And, yes, I tried one of those drain clearing products yesterday to no avail. I even tried shoving a bent hanger down the drain to clear it. That was after I tried to plunge it with the toilet plunger — not effective. And please don’t tell Bryna about the plunger; I’ll deny it. No one ever accused me of being handy.

Why am I sharing my plumbing issues? Because it’s all scriptural of course. Haven’t you been paying attention in church recently? The gospel passage last week was Jesus and the woman at the well. This Sunday Jesus tells the blind man to wash in the pool of Siloam. Lots of water! Water, water everywhere and I can barely get a drop.

Fine, that’s a weak connection. But the good news about my sabbatical is that no one will be subjected to a sermon illustration that involves the plumbing at the rectory.


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