Hope Springs Eternal

rawlings_baseball.jpgAmid the doldrums of mid-Lent, hope is on the horizon. Yes, there’s the “sure and certain hope” of the resurrection. We’re Christians; we get that. Easter will arrive and we’ll be bathed anew in the warm glow of new life.

But hope abounds on this day because the Baltimore Orioles play their first spring training game. Sure, they haven’t had a winning season in a decade. And, no, they haven’t won the World Series in 25 years. But like the Phoenix, this year they will rise from the ashes. Or maybe next year. Or eventually. I hope.

Being a devoted fan of a lousy baseball team builds character. Though at this point I think I’m way beyond my character quota. Of course I don’t have anything on Cubs fans — that’s a real cross to bear. I’m bearing more of a “cross-ette” (that’s French for “little cross” — okay, I made that up but you get the point).

Nonetheless, it’s an exciting day and I think this really will be their year. Fortunately I’m not a gambling man.  


2 Comments on “Hope Springs Eternal”

  1. Dorothee says:

    Good thing you’re not a gambling man ’cause you can’t bet the mortgage!

  2. Father Tim says:

    One of the advantages of living in a rectory I suppose. Though it’s also a good thing because they got squashed by the Marlins, 16-3. I know it’s just Spring Training but not a good omen…

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