An Actual Lent Wreath?

It turns out some companies are actually marketing a crown of thorns Lent Wreath for liturgical use. Check out priest and blogger Scott Gunn’s post on this He includes a picture of a Lent Wreath complete with pink candle. Are you kidding me? How dumb do they think we are? I’m sure they’ll tell us it’s a little-known tradition from the Middle Ages that’s being revived (for $36 plus shipping and handling).

Plus, I have enough trouble finding candles to fit our family’s Advent Wreath. It’s a small silver-plated thing — not your standard size. We got desperate a few years ago and I’m pretty sure we were the only family on our block with blue Menorah candles in our Advent Wreath.


2 Comments on “An Actual Lent Wreath?”

  1. Sherry says:

    We purchased a Lenten wreath this year and I am very excited about what this means for our family. During Advent we incorporate our Advent wreath into every evening. I have been looking for some way for us to keep Lent very much in our focus as a family for the full 40 days. The mood will be much different than it is at Advent, as it should be, but it will give us a daily opportunity to make sure we and our children are focused where we should be.

    I really don’t care if this is a new or old tradition. I think anything that helps helps us remember the point of the season is worth our effort. That said, what works for our family may not work for yours.

  2. cpulliam says:

    There is a very old German tradition of making a cross from the trunk of your Christmas tree, borring 6 holes in it for candles. The idea is to make the connection that there is no Christmas without Easter

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