The Lent Wreath

Okay, folks, it’s time to take down those Christmas wreaths. I’ve been forgiving up to now. I realize Easter comes earlier than it has since 1913. But for God’s sake, it’s Lent. A brown, wilted wreath is not one of the traditional symbols of the season. Remove it now before you realize it’s Pentecost and it’s still on your front door. At that point you may as well just leave it up for next year.

Sorry to sound so grumpy on this subject. I went for a run around my neighborhood yesterday and it seemed like every other house still had a wreath up. I still haven’t hauled down the Christmas lights from the front porch so I’m not exactly Mr. Holier Than Thou. But the wreath came off the door after Epiphany. So I’m a little bit holier than thou.

The seasons of the church year tend to bleed together. At least out there in “the world.” Anyone who’s been inside a Hallmark store knows this. Fortunately, thanks to our respective altar guilds, our worship spaces are immune to this. You don’t find some of the crosses veiled for Lent or some of the hangings changed to purple — it’s whole hog or nothin’ (totus porkus). Unlike my house where the Christmas lights are still up (though not lit) but the wreath is down.

So, Merry Lent. Now get that hideous thing off your front door! 


3 Comments on “The Lent Wreath”

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  2. Dorothee says:

    I love the subtle use of “Latin”; for more punch you could have used PIG Latin. . . Totusay Purkusay!

  3. DeaconScott says:

    Dorothee –

    In Ecclesiastical Piglatin, that would be Otus-tay Orkus-pay.

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