Back to School

spongebob-standup.jpgDo you hear that huge sigh of relief? The kids are back to school after a week of Winter Vacation. Actually this was a good one. When the boys were younger Bryna and I would be all set to check ourselves into the local insane asylum by now. Or at least order some padding for our bedroom walls. There are only so many consecutive games of Candy Land you can play before you want to fling yourself off Gum Drop Mountain.

But now we’ve achieved a pretty good balance between interaction with the boys and independent play. By “independent play” I mean the Cartoon Network.

Since they’re only 20 months apart they have two modes: playing great together or killing each other. There’s no in-between. Yesterday they spent an hour sledding and playing some sort of snow game. When I peeked out the window it appeared to involve eating snow. After they came back in and had a snack they were back to teasing each other mercilessly. Paging Sponge Bob!


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