Cyber Prayer

bcp.jpgAn odd thing about being on sabbatical is not knowing where you’ll be going to church come Sunday morning. Last night I basically took out the Yellow Pages to figure this out. Okay, I wasn’t so desperate that I consulted the phone book — I know the local Episcopal churches. But I did have to check the web page for service times. I settled on St. Barnabas in Irvington Although I’ve passed the church a slew of times — it’s about 20 minutes away on a major thoroughfare — I’ve never had occasion to go inside. Charlie Colwell, the rector, is a very gentle and learned man. He’s the longest serving rector in the Diocese of New York having started at St. Barnabas in 1972; he recently announced his impending retirement.  

It was great to be back in an Episcopal church after a two-week hiatus. A good reminder that you can quite literally hunger for the sacrament when you go without it.

I snuck in for the 8 o’clock service alone since Bryna had to leave soon after to go into NYC. I couldn’t drag the boys out with me at that hour without waking up the neighborhood. But before taking them out to brunch we did a little cyber worship. I found an online Stations of the Cross appropriate for kids they took turns reading the stations (without crucifying one another). We concluded our devotions by clicking onto one of Matthew Moretz’s great youtube videos — the one on Baptism They got a kick out this! Especially Fr. Matthew’s touchdown sequence (you’ll just have to watch it). And 15 minutes later we were enjoying “Coffee Hour” at The Patio.


2 Comments on “Cyber Prayer”

  1. Dorothee says:

    I like that one too! Can you guess my involvement? drc

  2. Father Tim says:

    Well, let’s see…since your name shows up VERY prominently in the credits, I’d say you tossed Matthew the football. Oh, and perhaps helped set up for the “baptism.”

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