Snow Angel

flames.jpgBig snow day yesterday — 9 inches. Ben and Zack felt ripped off since it’s vacation week. “This would have been a snow day!” they lamented. Too bad, now get outside and go sledding. We have a great hill on the rectory property which helps. And now that they’re a bit older they can actually go sledding without my help. In years past I served as the pack mule, hauling sleds back up the hill after each run. It was a good workout but quickly got old.

I did get outside for a snowball fight, however. As usual I was pelted from all sides, which felt like the reenactment of the stoning of Stephen, the church’s first martyr. Unlike the story of Stephen, the boys’ victory dance consisted of making snow angels.

To continue the theme of martyrdom, I built a fire when we came inside. We then burnt several marshmallows at the stake. One confessed its heresy but still emerged as a gooey ball of flaming chemicals.

Here’s a fun game to try with the kids: name the marshmallows before you thrust them into the flames. Joan of Arc, Thomas Cranmer, Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley. For more names, check Foxe’s Book of Martyrs the 16th century classic. And remember, kids, don’t play with matches!


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