Seven Whole Days

You may have noticed a new blog on my Blogroll (want duck sauce with that?). Seven Whole Days is the new blog from the mind of Scott Gunn — priest of the Diocese of Rhode Island and my colleague on the Board of Governors of Episcopal Life. Scott’s a self-avowed “technophile” — how many priests do you know with their own Facebook page? — and has a great take on the goings on in the Anglican Communion.

If you’re curious about the title of Scott’s blog, it comes from a George Herbert poem (the great 17th century Anglican priest and poet). It’s familiar to Episcopalians as a line from the hymn, King of Glory, King of Peace: “Seven whole days, not one in seven, will I praise thee.” As Scott puts it, “I think it captures our purpose as Christians — to praise God without ceasing. The Christian life is not an exercise for Sundays, it is rather something in which we seek to immerse ourselves at all times, and in all places.”

I feel a special kinship to George Herbert since my own church, All Saints’ in Briarcliff Manor, New York was built (by the renowned architecht Richard Upjohn) as a replica of Herbert’s parish church in Bemerton, England. There’s a reason it looks and feels like an English country parish. You can read the history of All Saints’ here:

And make sure to check out Scott’s blog!

4 Comments on “Seven Whole Days”

  1. Peter Carey says:

    I also just linked to Scott’s page…good stuff there!

    As for priests and facebook, there are at least 300-400 Episcopal Priests on Facebook,and at least a few bishops as well, you should join up!

    Peter Carey+

  2. Father Tim says:

    I know, I know. But, hey I’m blogging! Like the church, I tend to be a bit slow on these things — I just got cable TV last year. One day I’ll figure out how to make this blog more interesting — pictures, video, etc. For now I’m content with the basics. Oh, and I just set up a link to your excellent blog.


  3. Peter Carey says:

    Thanks for the link…and, I am so sorry about the Seabury Western news … I am firmly in support of having a variety and diversity of seminaries in our church and this news bums me out…

    …perhaps something new will be born, but, for now, it is just a sad time.


  4. Scott Gunn says:


    Thanks for the link and the kudos. Not only do I have facebook, by the way, but I also use a special telephone that can be used nearly anywhere. It’s called a “cellular” phone. You should check it out!


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