Into the Depths

luray-caverns.jpgBefore leaving Virginia yesterday, we toured the world famous Luray Caverns with my brother and his family. I consider any tourist site that has a slew of billboards announcing its impending arrival to be world famous. Like South of the Border in South Carolina.

While I will never remember the difference between a stalactite and a stalacmite, the whole thing was pretty stunning. For $60 for a family of four it had better have been. The caverns are the closest I’ve come to being in the underworld. At one point we were 200 feet below the earth’s surface and I kept wondering what would happen if the lights went out.

The oddest or kitschiest part, depending on your perspective, was the 37 “pipe” organ that some guy had created in the 1950’s using stalactites. The tour guide pressed a button and the organ actually played “A mighty fortress is our God.” Quite the surreal moment. Not a great video but you can get a sense of it here:“Toto, we’re not in the Tri-State Area anymore.”



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