O Happy Day

Happy Presidents Day! No one’s ever greeted me this way as they raced out to the mall to buy a discounted shower curtain at Bed, Bath and Beyond. But let me be the first to wish you a happy and healthy Presidents Day. I wonder what George W. is doing today. “No, Laura I will not take out the trash. It’s Presidents Day for God’s sake. Have some respect. Make Jenna do it.”

And what about all our former Vice Presidents? Why isn’t a day set aside to honor their service to God and country? I think we need a day to celebrate Agnew, Quayle, Cheney, Mondale, Gore, etc. Since they get no respect they should at least have their own day. Plus, we need more three day weekends in this country to give people additional excuses for skipping church. 

Maybe I’ll put this day to good use and teach the boys the names of some former presidents. I just have to remember that Ben Franklin never occupied the Oval Office.


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