Packin’ Up

minivan.jpgTomorrow we leave for a three day trip to Harrisonburg, Virginia. Not exactly a vacation shangri-la but we’re visiting my brother and his family so we’re all looking forward to it. Well, except for the six hour car ride that stands between us and our destination.

I spent the day prepping the mini van — rotating the tires, checking the alignment, etc. Fine, all I did was vacuum it out at Bryna’s request. And she wasn’t the least bit interested in my argument to wait until afterthe trip to vacuum it since that’s when it’ll really need it. But I also did something more important than even changing the oil. I went to the library to load up on DVDs for the trip. Movies are the saving grace for enduring road trips with kids. That and stuffing them with food. When the boys are old enough to drive, I fantasize about sitting back, watching the Godfather trilogy, eating popcorn and Juji Fruits, and yelling at them to stop when I need to use the bathroom.

Going away for a long weekend is another way I’m taking advantage of being on sabbatical. For obvious reasons this is a rarity for most clergy. Especially during Lent. So we’ll be on the road heading south first thing in the morning.


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