Running Amok

Spent the First Sunday of Lent running the Bronx Half-Marathon (13.1 miles). It was a bit odd not being in church — can’t remember the last time I missed Lent I — but the experience was as penitential as enduring The Great Litany. So I take some consolation in that (around mile 11 the refrain “Good Lord deliver us” came to mind).

Despite some major headwinds on the Grand Concourse, I was very pleased with my race. I PR’ed it (Personal Record) by 8 seconds, finishing in 1:52:20. I drove in with parishioner and fellow runner Kristen Nelson who ran a terrific race, beating me by 16 seconds to the finish line. Kristen was very respectful of my being on sabbatical and we didn’t talk about church at all. Thanks, Kristen! We rewarded ourselves with some Coffee Labs Coffee on the way home. Here’s a brief video from the race:

The New York Road Runner’s Club of which I’m a member, sponsored the race. I’ve run a fair number of their races over the years but, of course, rarely the ones on Sundays. I half jokingly want to start an organization called Clergy Runners Opposed to Sunday Starts (CROSS), but I can’t imagine I’d drum up much support. It’s amazing they can get over 3,000 runners out to the Bronx on a Sunday morning in February. That would qualify as a mega church!


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