One of the perks of being involved in National Church ministries is travel to exotic places. I spent last night and all day today in Newark, New Jersey.

I was recently appointed to the Province II Council (the Episcopal church is made up of nine provinces). And while the province is the least known level of ecclesiastical governance, it actually does some important work. Much of this is centered around mutual regional ministry. Perhaps the best part of being in a “province” is that it makes me feel slightly Canadian.

The meeting went well. Good folks, engaging conversation, and an obvious passion for ministry. And I got to visit a city I’ve never been to. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been on Amtrak when it stopped in Newark and, of course, I’ve flown out of the airport. The city actually seems to be on the rise. There’s the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the brand new Prudential Center, and some great Portugese restuarants (I know, I found one). But before you think I’m becoming a city booster, I doubt I’ll be back until the next provincial meeting.


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