Touchdown Jesus

touchdown-jesus.jpgI don’t believe God cares who wins football games. If so, Texas Christian University, Brigham Young, and Southern Methodist University would win the National Championship every year and Notre Dame wouldn’t have had such a miserable season. And if God was really concerned about sports, the San Diego Padres would have won at least one World Series.

However, after watching the Super Bowl (and rooting for my second favorite team — the Giants — a very distant second to the Ravens), it was hard not to see the divine hand in that David Tyree catch late in the fourth quarter. First, Eli (a good Biblical name) Manning pulled a Houdini maneuver to get away from the Pats defense. Then Tyree made that ridiculous catch on top of his helmet. Amazing. If you somehow missed it, here it is on youtube:,2/sports_featured 

When I was a seminarian at Seabury-Western in Evanston, Illinois, we played an annual flag football game against Nashota House, the Episcopal seminary to our north in Wisconsin. It was known as The Lavabo Bowl (the bowl used by priests to wash their hands before the eucharist). You think seminarians play nice? This was one of the most competitive games I’ve ever been a part of and don’t let the flags fool you. There was plenty of tackling going on. Of course the best part of the game was the pre-kick off liturgy complete with incense, the blessing of the ball, and a special prayer for spleens (one was ruptured during the game a few years back).

I hope the Giants enjoy their victory. They were, ironically enough, big time Goliaths last night. We watched the game at a friend’s house on their big screen TV. Lots of fun, great food, and a stunning ending. What more could you want in a Super Bowl? Besides incense of course.


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