We’re on the Birthday Watch these days. Zack’s in countdown mode for February 15th when he turns seven. He’s so focused on the date, I feel like I should create his own personal Advent calendar. Because we do seem to mark the season of “Zackvent” that precedes the big day.

Yesterday he designed his cake. He handed Bryna an ornate drawing with seven layers (to mark the years of course) — all with different colored frosting. Then he announced, “Have Carvel make this.” Oh, and since it’s a Godzilla party there’s a fire-breathing monster on top. I’m imagining the blank look from the teenager behind the counter. “Can I interest you in a Fudgie the Whale?” Uh, no. Unless you can make flames come flying out of his mouth with a can of Sterno.

Zack’s a bit touchy about the fact that his birthday is one day after Valentine’s Day. I think this is where the Godzilla theme comes in; it’s the anti-love fest. I joke with him about getting a pink cake with a big red-frosted heart on top. He’s not amused.

So, “Zackvent” continues. At least we’re not subjected to annoying “Zackmas” carols in the mall. 


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