Bearded Gravitas

hemingway.jpgLike Conan O’Brien and David Letterman before me, I’m growing a strike beard. Okay, it’s a sabbatical beard but it’s the same concept. I just started a ten-week sabbatical and as I struggle to live into it — the early days have felt like parish ministry detox — I decided to stop shaving. I’m just tired of it; the same routine every day. Now this probably won’t last very long since Bryna thinks it looks ridiculous. And when it comes to facial hair, your wife is the final judge and arbiter.

But it’s day five and it lives. Who cares if it doesn’t connect on one side where the mustache and beard should meet? So I couldn’t grow a fu manchu. I think my new look gives me a certain rugged gravitas that I’ve been lacking. You might think I look like Crockett — or was it Tubbs? — from Miami Vice. But I’m pretty sure people pay a bit more attention to me now when I speak. Or they just may be staring at me wondering about that odd growth on my face.

But as I hang out in my favorite coffee shop putting the last few edits on my manuscript, I feel like a writer. Sure Hemingway had a fuller beard. But give me time — I’m just hoping to make it a whole week.


2 Comments on “Bearded Gravitas”

  1. FIDO says:


    When do we get to see a photo of the beard?!

    Also a word check might be needed…
    Can you find the two mistakes in the second paragraph?

    I hope you are having a great winter…


  2. Father Tim says:


    Who died and made you copy editor?

    Thanks for checking out the blog — I’ll pay more attention to proof reading if you refrain from EVER referring to me as “Timmy” in a public forum.


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