Yackety Yak

Back to the land of the living after being stricken with the flu this week. I’ll spare you the details but it wasn’t pretty. The worst was doing a funeral at 11 am the day after puking my guts out all night. Okay, I didn’t spare all the details. Got through it on sheer adrenaline.

Just when the worst of it was over, Bryna got it. So much for being coddled for a couple of days. The most difficult thing about being a parent is being a parent when you’re sick. Kids just don’t understand that when you’re subsisting on Fritos and Gatorade and barely able to walk down the stairs, the thought of making them mac ‘n cheese is nauseating.

It’s bad enough when I’m sick but when Momma’s hurting, the whole house falls apart. It didn’t help that I was only at about 50% when I was trying to do everything around the house by myself. Even at 100% I’m about 50% as effective as Bryna. So, do the math.  Okay, I’m not sure what that means but basically it took me all night to get the kids to bed, make school lunches, pick up a few toys, and do the dinner dishes. A multi-tasker I’m not.

But we’re all back to normal now. Somehow the kids skated by unscathed. And I’m left wondering why exactly I had that flu shot in the fall? 


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